Thursday, May 5, 2016

15 months

My sweet baby girl is now a toddler in every way. Beginning to walk has really led to her acting and looking like a toddler. She is not a baby anymore and I am not sure how that happened. So cliche but so so true. This stage is so much fun but I can tell it is going to be challenging as well. 

As she continues exploring her world, she has also developed habits that arent quite as desireable. For instance, slinging food, temper tantruns, screaming when she wants something, slapping at things, and just a general sassy little attitude. Can we say, "Mom and Dad are in for it!", 

Typical picture these days!

Our huge milestone this month was walking, starting at 14.5 months. I wasn't sure my child would ever walk. She is still walking with one flat foot and one tiptoe, but we are hoping that will straighten out with time.

The child absolutely loves books. If she is fussing or bored I can stick a book in her hands and she is good to go for 5-10 minutes as she "reads".

Her vocabulary amazes me. She tries to repeat any word I say. Well, except "i love you". Of course she wont say that. Her favorite words right now are pup pup, mama, dada, No, book, cookie, car, KaKa, Bubba, milk milk, and many others.

She has all of the sudden let me start rocking her a little bit at night now before I lay her down in her crib. It's been so wonderful for this mamas heart since she has never ever wanted to rock.

She is still sleeping 7:30pm - 6:30am with the exception of the past few days. We are going to chalk that up to two molars and one front tooth cutting the gums all at once. (We loathe teething!!)

I cant wait to watch her personality continue to develop.