Saturday, November 9, 2013

2013 Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon Race Recap


On Sunday, October 20, 2013 I ran in the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon in Myrtle Beach, SC. This was my 3rd year running this race.

The husband and I headed to the beach Friday afternoon after work to meet up with friends. We dined at Bonefish Grill and headed back to the beach house to rest and relax. It was a long week so this was much needed!

We did not have any plans for Saturday either so that was nice. I slept in which I don’t do much anymore and I finally rolled myself out of the bed around 8:00. I went for a short easy 3 mile run and then had Chick-fil-a at the house for breakfast!

We hit the expo at the Grand Dunes hotel. This expo has never really been exciting. Its small and usually crowded. So we got in, got our stuff, and got out! We hit up Wild Wings Cafe for food and USC football!

After a little afternoon R & R, we hit up Carraba’s for dinner. I am usually not a fan, but this time around it was a pretty good meal! By the time dinner was over, I was so tired.


Once we got back, I hit the hay after setting my race day alarm for 5am..eeek! Sundays are usually my sleep in until 7:00 days so this was a little difficult!

I pulled myself out of bed at 5:10 and ate a cliff bar and a banana with some almond butter. I got on the couch for a few until it was time to get dressed and go!


We left the house a few min after 6am and got to the race start at around 6:25 only to be greeted by rain showers! We stole borrowed a trash bag from an unused trashcan and wrapped up in it. I should know by now to always have trash bags with me on race day! Lesson learned.


The rain let up just in time for the start. And we were off! The weather for here on out was perfect for a race.

I had technical difficulties at the beginning of the race and my watch died at Mile 4. I had no idea how far or fast I was going until the checkpoints.

I felt pretty good throughout the race. I secret goal was to be under 1:45 but I told my husband and friends I would be happy with a 1:45 and I was right on.

My official time was 1:45:12. I was happy, not overjoyed because I know I can run better, but happy nonetheless.

After the race and finding the husband I hit up a coffee shop. One of my all-time favorite things after a race is a good cup of coffee. I ordered and tried to hand over my card to pay but my total wasn’t enough to use a card. I had absolutely no cash. The woman behind me offered to pay for my coffee and I told her no. She proceeded to hand the cashier a $5.00 while she turned to me and said “Girl, you just ran a half-marathon, you deserve it!”

That was a cool moment and one I was thankful for because that cup of coffee was so delicious and helped keep me warm while we waited on the rest of our crew to finish.


The surfboard medal/bottle opener is pretty sweet. I don’t usually get too thrilled about race medals(bring on the t-shirt!!!) but this one and two others from this race are hanging on my fridge!




Just call us the “Zenzah support crew”. We were all sporting compression. I love the sleeves, they seem to help me, especially after the race is over.


Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon #3 is in the books for me. I love racing Myrtle Beach and I love spending weekends by the ocean running and being with friends!

Cheers to next year,